Product Information 2023.04.17

―Give shape to the language of flowers―

If you use a chopstick rest while eating, you can take your time and eat slowly.

Eating with chopstick rest is healthier than eating in a hurry, and recently it is said that it is also good for dieting. Moreover, it is more hygienic than placing chopsticks directly on the table.
The chopstick rests that are overflowing with the world are various, such as figurative ones and small sculptures. It’s fun to find a chopstick rest that you like, and it’s fun to collect a lot and choose according to your mood and menu for the day.

The chopstick rest hanaemu released by Ceramic Japan in 2022 has the shape and color of flower petals. The shape is made with care for the organic part of the plant, and there is also a device that makes it look light.

What we want to express is the color of the petals. It is the flower language that the flower has.

The language of flowers came from the West, but nowadays it is also attached to traditional Japanese flowers, and many people refer to it when giving flowers, decorating, and decorating their gardens.

The flower language chosen for hanaemu is

“A warm white gardenia that brings joy”
“A faint light pink mountain cherry that smiles at you”
“Warm affection, soft pink carnation”
“Bright orange rose with the word bond”
“Thanks” Conveying red poppies with a little less saturation

The color has an exquisite gradation to express a soft impression.
It doesn’t look like real flower petals, but the expression with depth is attractive.

  • For the color, we specially mixed the makeup clay with which the pigment was wiped. I make it a moderate concentration and soak it so that it becomes a gradation.

  • Make a small mark on the back of the chopstick rest. We work carefully one by one with the hope that it will reach our customers safely.

There is also a set with chopsticks, making it a perfect gift.
The chopsticks are octagonal and easy to hold and grip, and were produced in Obama, Fukui Prefecture.

The hanaemu project is scheduled for spring 2020. “I want to go see someone important to me, but it is difficult.” At such a time, the staff wanted to convey their love and gratitude through gifts. She is pure and warm-hearted, and her words are beautiful and charming. All the staff were moved by the craftsmanship she drew.

“It’s like riding the wind, floating in the sky, and gently coming down to someone who thinks about it…
” It doesn’t have to be there, but it’s nice to have it. It creates attachment and reminds you of the person when you use it.

From shaping, choosing colors, and arranging words, the chopstick rest “hanaemu” is made with a lot of ingenuity and thought.
I hope that it will continue to reach many people.

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