News 2022.08.03

Ceramic Japan Website RenewalWe have finally released a new, updated Ceramic Japan website after six years. Read about the production process and the in-house changes that grew out of it.

In the six years since our last website renewal, digital technology has developed and accelerated in leaps and bounds. Here at Ceramic Japan, we renewed our website in July 2022 in order to offer more digital content and communicate to our customers more smoothly. We launched our own online shop at Ceramic Japan in 2021, and have been gradually adopting digital tools to communicate with our customers. With an increasing number of our customers using smartphones recently, we decided to renew the Ceramic Japan website design to focus on viewing on smartphones.

  • Product photography<br>We have taken new photographs for our updated products.

    Product photography
    We have taken new photographs for our updated products.

    We have recently taken new photographs for products and product series for our new products and products with lineup changes. We had our designers provide directions on photographing the scenes using situations that communicate the features and appeals of the designs.
    We are also now able to list product details, such as sizes and prices, on the product page.

  • Workshop photography<br>We also photographed our new workshop and kiln shop.

    Workshop photography
    We also photographed our new workshop and kiln shop.

    Since 2020, Ceramic Japan has been operating an inhouse workshop to carry out production within the company. We can now help our customers understand the craftsmanship of Ceramic Japan even more by showing what goes on in our workshop. The website offers a wide range of information featuring our feelings about craftsmanship, including product development and OEM, in order to reach out to and connect with a wider range of customers.

The website renewal has also made us able to release information such as Ceramic Japan news, trade show reports, and articles about product development. We hope to continue regularly releasing contents for the enjoyment of all our customers. We look forward to your continued support of Ceramic Japan.